Tisha b’Av 5782 2022


1. The Ninth of Av is a fast day commemorating the destruction of the Temple. This year it coincides with Shabbat so the observance is postponed to the 10th of Av, Saturday night August 6 / Sunday August 7.


2. There are five restrictions:

    a. No eating / drinking

    b. No leather shoes

    c. No bathing

    d. No perfumes / lotions – deodorant is allowed.

    e. No marital relations


3. The traditional pre-fast Seudat HaMafseket meal is not observed this year.


4. We will hold the Mincha service on Shabbat following Kiddush – 12:50pm.


5. We do not recite Havdala on Saturday night, instead we say Baruch HaMavdil beyn Kodesh l’Chol.


6. Arvit and the reading of Eicha on Saturday night will be at 8pm.


7. After Arvit and prior to reading Eicha, we make the blessing on the Havdala candle.


8. The custom is not to greet people in the morning.


9. At the conclusion of the fast on Saturday night, we recite Havdala only on the wine and we skip the preamble, Hineh El Yishuati…and instead begin with the blessing over the wine.


10. After the fast on Sunday night, Ashkenazi practice is not to eat meat or chicken, many Sephardim do not have this stringency.

Tisha B’Av Eve – Av 9/August 6 (Sat)

Fast Commences – 7:00 pm

Shabbat Ends – 7:36 pm

Arvit – 8:00 pm

Followed by Reading of Eicha


Tisha B’Av Av 10/August 7 (Sun)

Shacharit – 9:00

Followed by Recitation of Kinnot

Mincha – 5:45 pm

Tisha B’Av Movie – 6:10 pm (Approx)

Arvit – 7:15 pm

Fast Ends – 7:24 pm


Tu B’Av – Friday, August 12