History & Significance A mikvah is a ritual bath that is used by men, married women, and as the final requirement of the conversion process.

Many new utensils are also immersed in a mikvah. A mikvah is a key component to every Jewish community. The practice of using a mikvah and the sanctity associated with this commandment has been preserved by members of our community for over a century.

Continued support of the mikvah is necessary for the stability and viability of our community. It is assumed that the first mikvah in Hong Kong was built along with the Ohel Leah Synagogue in 1901. This original mikvah was destroyed during World War II and was not immediately rebuilt; rather, it was commemorated with a plaque. Later, a new mikvah was established in the Beth Simcha house on the synagogue’s property.

When the Jewish Community Centre was constructed in 1995, a new mikvah was constructed along with it and this mikvah was renovated in 2010. To learn more about the mikvah, please:

Email us at info@hkmikvah.org
Rabbi Oser: email rabbia@ohelleah.org, t. +852-2589-2621