See Full calendar for event details.

Shavuot Eve – Sunday, May 16

Candle Lighting/Evening Service 6:37 PM
Shavuot Learning Program 10:30 PM
Followed by Early Morning Service  

First Day Shavuot – Monday, May 17 

Morning Service 
(Including Reading of the Ten Commandments)
9:00 AM
Children’s Baking Activity 9:30 AM
Children’s Service 10:30 AM
Afternoon Service /Evening Service
6:45 PM
Candle lighting –
from a pre-existing flame 7:32 PM



Second Day Shavuot – Tuesday, May 18

9:00 AM
Morning Service
(Including Reading of the Book of Ruth)
7:32 AM
Yiskor 10:15 AM
Tea & Torah at the Oser’s 4:30 PM
Afternoon/Evening Service 6:55 PM
Festival Ends
7:33 PM