Times for in person Reading of the Megillah

Thursday Night, February 25

6:45pm sharp Main Sanctuary
6:45pm sharp Overflow in Garden Room
6:45pm sharp Women’s Reading in King David Room (Women Only)
Please note:
  • To attend any service, a booking is required.
  • There is limited space and all bookings will be on a first come basis. 
  • Masks must be worn at all times.
  • Due to space limitations, children under the age of Bar/Bar Mitzvah must attend the Overflow reading and be accompanied by an adult.
  • The reading in the Main Sanctuary will be Sephardi and in the Overflow Ashkenazi.
  • Separate Seating will not be observed in the Overflow.
Booking for  the Main Sanctuary (Sephardi + Over Bar/Bat Mitzvah)
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Booking for the Overflow (Ashkenazi + incl. under Bar/Bat Mitzvah)
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Booking for the Women’s Reading  (Over Bat Mitzvah)
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Please note, on Friday morning we will hold two services, 
one at 6:30am and one at 8:30am.

Megillah on Zoom

We will broadcast tonight and tomorrow’s Megillah Readings over Zoom.
Anyone who is extra cautions with social distancing and refrains from public gatherings can fulfil the mitzvah this way.
Happy Purim!
Tonight (Thursday, Feb. 25) 
Approx. 6:40 pm
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Meeting ID: 827 9341 8340
Passcode: Happy
Tomorrow Morning (Friday, Feb. 26)
 Approx. 8:30 am
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Mystery Mishloach Manot



Info: carla.n.green@gmail.com
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Additional baskets: www.farmtotablehk.com




God and Politics in Esther
with Dr Yoram Hazony

Dr Yoram Hazony

Wednesday, February 17 at 8:00 pm 
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Meeting ID: 830 9221 8145
Passcode: Purim

Dr Yoram Hazony is President of the Herzl Institute. His books include The Virtue of Nationalism, The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture, and The Jewish State: The Struggle for Israel’s Soul. Hazony is Director of the John Templeton Foundation’s project in Jewish Philosophical Theology. His writings on philosophy, Bible, and political theory appear frequently in the Wall Street Journal, American Affairs, National Review and other publications. He holds a B.A. in East Asian Studies from Princeton University and a Ph.D. in Political Theory from Rutgers University. 




Children’s Purim Hop  
For Ages 4+

Purim-Hop-2021 - Ages 4+

To bring joy on Purim, we are organizing small groups consisting of: children, a teen, and a responsible adult; to visit homes on Purim (Fri, Feb 26) in the afternoon. They will perform a skit, song, or dance. If you want join a group or are willing to host a group in your home, please fill out the form here.

info: carla.n.green@gmail.com



Passover Series 
Prepare for Pesach with three fabulous Torah teachers:

March 3 at 8:00 pm 

Ora Wiskind

Dr Ora Wiskind – Michlalah College, Jerusalem
‘On the threshold of being’ – Pesach and the endless challenge of rebirth

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Meeting ID: 836 7015 3895
Passcode: Rebirth

Ora Wiskind received her B.A. from Northwestern University in Comparative literature, and her M.A. and Ph.D. from Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Hebrew literature. She is associate professor and Head of the Graduate Program in Jewish Studies at Michlalah College, Jerusalem. Her research interests include Jewish thought and literary studies, Hasidism, and the interface between scriptural exegesis, culture and hermeneutics. Her latest book, Hasidic Commentary on the Torah (Littman Library of Jewish Civilization-Liverpool University Press, 2018), a National Jewish Book Award finalist, is a wide-ranging study comprehending 200 years of hasidic homiletics (1749-1943).



March 10 at 8:00 pm 

Sarit Gribetz

 Professor Sarit Kattan Gribetz, Fordham University
How ‘Next Year in Jerusalem’ Became a Part of the Passover Seder”

Join Zoom Meeting: Click here
Meeting ID: 870 6536 7115
Passcode: Jerusalem

Sarit Kattan Gribetz is Associate Professor of Classical Judaism in the Theology Department at Fordham University and Acting Director of Fordham’s Center for Jewish Studies. She received her Ph.D. in Religion at Princeton University, and she is currently studying in Yeshivat Maharat’s Advanced Kollel. Her first book, Time and Difference in Rabbinic Judaism, was published by Princeton University Press in 2020; she’s currently writing her next book, titled Jerusalem: A Feminist History.



March 17 at 8:00 pm 

Raizi Chechik

Ms Raizi Chechik, Head of School, Manhattan Day School
Telling our Family Stories: Reflections on the Passover Haggadah

Join Zoom Meeting: Click here
Meeting ID: 843 4883 6767
Passcode: Stories

Ms. Raizi Chechik currently heads Manhattan Day School. She has developed curricular materials for the Sephardic Studies Institute at the City University of New York, and is a recipient of numerous professional and academic awards, among them the national Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for Excellence in Jewish Education. As a veteran educator, she also served as a mentor to new school leaders through Yeshiva University’s Principals Partnership program. Ms Chechik studied Tanach and Counseling at Michlala Jerusalem Teacher’s College, holds an MA in Medieval Jewish History, and has done doctoral work in both Education and Jewish Studies. She is a well-respected speaker and thinker on topics regarding Education and Jewish Studies, and a frequent Scholar in Residence in communities around the world.


Top Ten Purim Questions 5781 / 2021

  1. When is Purim in Hong Kong this year? Purim will begin on Thursday Night, February 25 and continue into Friday.
  2. How many mitzvot (commandments) are associated with Purim? Four: Hearing the Megillah; giving charity; mishloach manot; a Feast.
  3. What and When is the Fast of Esther? According to the Megillah because the Jews were to be destroyed on the 14th of Adar, they declared a fast on the 13th of Adar. The Fast of Esther commemorates it and will be February, 25, 5:41am-6:47pm.
  4. Enough about the Fast, Tell me about the Purim Feast!
    This year is an opportunity for the forgotten tradition of Pores Mapeh u-Mekadesh! Start the Purim Feast Friday afternoon with HaMotzi on bread, in the middle light the Shabbat candles, then cover the bread on the table, recite Kiddush without the HaGefen blessing and cut into two loaves without reciting HaMotzi, recite the Shabbat prayers and transform the Purim Feast into Shabbat dinner. For more detailed instructions, please be in contact with Rabbi Oser directly. Please note that for various reasons, many disapprove of this custom. Eg out of respect for Shabbat, we are not supposed to indulge in a large meal on Friday afternoon.
  5. When am I supposed to hear the Megillah? The Megillah should be heard twice: once at night and once during the next day.
  6. What are mishloach manot? Mishloach Manot increase friendship. They contain two foods or drinks that are readily edible. On Purim day we gift them to at least one Jewish person.
  7. How much charity should I give on Purim? The cost of a good meal. It is given on Purim. Rabbi Oser can help you fulfil this mitzvah.
  8. Can I hear the Megillah over Zoom? That’s a debate…bottom line, this year we will Zoom Megillah readings.
  9. What are Hamantaschen? Hamantaschen is the name of a food we eat on Purim – some say it means “weaken Haman.”
  10. Purim is associated with drinking. Do I have to get drunk?
    It depends on whom you ask. There is a requirement to drink to the point where one can no longer distinguish between “blessed Mordechai and cursed Haman.” However not everybody interprets this to mean literal drunkenness.