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The Haggadah used to accompany the video can be downloaded here.

We thank Anna Berman for her kind assistance, and David and Sandra Khorsandy for sponsoring this video in memory of their fathers, Ephraim ben Yaffa z”l and Yaakov ben Reuben z”l.

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Click here to download the OLS 5781/2021 Passover Booklet as a PDF.

This booklet contains the full schedule and all necessary forms.




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Searching and Removing of Chametz


Bedikat Chametz, the search for Chametz is done on Thursday night, March 25. Please see this PDF on how to Kasher your home for Pesach.
The following morning, Friday March 26, the Chametz should be burnt before 11:13 am. Ohel Leah Synagogue will be burning Chametz at the back of the synagogue between 10:00 am and 11:00 am. Anyone wishing to bring his or her Chametz within these times please do so.
Communal Kashering for Passover
Sunday, March 21 and
Wednesday, March 24
12:00-2:00 pm at JCC Car Park




Rabbi Oser sells chametz.

If you would like him to sell your chametz please fill out the following online form, or click here to download as a PDF.

PASSOVER 5781 SELLING OF CHAMETZ I, the undersigned, hereby authorize Rabbi Asher Oser of the Ohel Leah Synagogue, Hong Kong to act on my behalf and to sell all my Chametz before the coming Passover, in accordance with prevalent Jewish custom, and in whatever manner he deems proper and effective. Said Chametz is found especially at (list address(es) below) This authorization includes the sale of Chametz that is in my possession, including goods that would be delivered to me during the period of March 26 through April 4 of this year, as well as Chametz which I may own in full or in part through shares of stock in corporations which sell or deal in Chametz. All of the aforesaid Chametz is to be sold to a non-Jew of the Rabbi’s choosing, during the time that it is still legally permitted to sell Chametz. The purchaser has free access to the Chametz acquired by him, and to any storage area in my possession which will be rented to him.

The place where the Chametz is located is to be rented to the buyer at the Rabbi’s option for the period of April 19 through April 27th of this year, and the Rabbi is authorized to act as agent for such rental. The buyer’s deposit and rental fee are to be retained by the Rabbi as compensation.

This document, when accompanied by the full bill of sale and rental to be executed by the Rabbi at the time of the sale, shall be considered as the bill of sale itself with all the conditions and clauses that are enumerated in the full bill of sale. This authorization is made binding by my signature below, and by a kinyan (formal halakhic transaction), or by either of them alone.

Please complete and submit the form below by 25 March at 6:00pm or you may download this form as a PDF and complete and submit it to the OLS office by 25 March at 6:00pm or by email to For further information, please contact Rabbi Oser on 2589-2621.  

* At this time it is customary to give kimcha d’pischa, a donation for Passover needs for the poor.  Monies collected will be distributed locally. 




Online Chamez Form


Passover 5781 - Sale of Chametz

My location during Passover



Haggadah Text Study
Shabbat, March 27 at 10:30 am
at the home of the Oser’s




Siyum on Tractate Pesachim 
Tuesday evening, March 30
7:30 pm on Zoom
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Full Pesach Schedule – 5781 – 2021


Thurs, March 25 Fast of First Born  

Morning Service
Followed by Siyum & breakfast

  Searching for the Chametz 7:00pm
Fri, March 26 Eve of Shabbat Hagadol  
  Burn Chametz 11:13am
  Candle Lighting 6:17pm
Sat, March 27 Shabbat Hagadol/Eve of Pesach  
  Morning service 8:00am
  Last time to eat chametz 9:57am
  Last time to nullify chametz 11:13am
  Candle Lighting after 7:09pm from a pre-existing flame
  First Seder (click to reserve online) 7:30pm
Sun, March 28 First Day of Pesach  
  Morning Service 8:30am
  Candle Lighting after 7:10 pm from a pre-existing flame
  Second Seder (Click to reserve online) 7:30pm
  Second night Seder for French Speakers (with existing reservation) 7:30pm
Mon, March 29 Second Day of Pesach  
  Morning Service 8:30am
  Festival Ends 7:10pm
Fri, April 2 Eve of Seventh Day of Pesach  
  Candle Lighting 6:20pm
Sat, April 3 Seventh Day of Pesach  
  Morning Service 8:00am
  Candle Lighting after 7:12 pm from a pre-existing flame
Sun, April 4 Last Day of Pesach  
  Morning Service 8:00am
  Festival Ends 7:12pm