Moshe prayed to God to enter the land of Israel, yet God responded harshly to him: And the LORD said to me, ‘You have enough! Do not speak more to Me of this matter (Devarim 3:26). Why the severe tone? The Midrash points out that God mirrored the words Moshe used when he rebuffed Korah and his followers:  And the man whom the LORD chooses, he is the holy one. You have enough, sons of Levi Bamdibar 16:7). Here, the Midrash sees a tit-for-tat. God makes sure that what we do, the words we say and the energy we put out, will come back to greet us. And therefore, before we put someone in their place, we should always seek to put ourselves in that someone’s place – then we will choose our words wisely.