After telling us to place the Menorah in the doorway, the Talmud records that one sage preferred the doorway’s right side and another, R. Shmuel of Difti, the left. Following R. Shmuel of Difti, we place the Menorah on the left side: so that the Menorah will be on the left and the Menorah on the right. What’s the reason behind the other opinion? The Sheiltot of R. Ahai offers one: since the Mezuzah is already on the right side, it’s proper to do another Mitzva and light the Menorah on the right side too. In other words, let one Mitzva, the Mezuzah, be a doorway to another – the Menorah. This is a principle we often follow. However, on Hannukah the Temple was rededicated and the Hasmoneans had to start again. They walked into a Temple that had stopped functioning and was emptied of any Mitzva. We follow their example, placing our Menorah on that side of the doorway that has no Mitzva thereby bringing light to darkness.