The only place we find the Levites addressing the people is in our parasha: And Moses, and the Kohanim, the Levites, with him, spoke to all Israel, saying, “Be still and listen….(Devarim 27:9) Some explain that the Kohanim are a family within the tribe of Levi. The verse simply means the Kohanim who are of the tribe of Levi. This is reflected in Robert Alter’s translation: And Moses, and the levitical priests. Rabbi Meir Simcha of Dvinsk explains differently. Here the people are entering another covenant with God. The last covenant – at Sinai – came undone when most of the nation sinned with the golden calf. It was the tribe of Levi who resisted that sin and remained faithful to that earlier covenant, therefore as a new covenant is proposed, they are called upon to address the nation, not only as Levites but as the guardians of the older covenant.