Maimonides opens the Laws of Repentance as follows: If a person transgresses any of the mitzvot of the Torah, whether a positive command or a negative command – whether willingly or inadvertently – when he repents, and returns from his sin, he must confess before God, blessed be He, as the Torah states “If a man or a woman commit any of the sins of man… they must confess the sin that they committed.” (Numbers 5:6-7). Whether one must detail the specific sins one has committed is debatable, even so, the common practice is to confess long lists of sins that are printed in every Yom Kippur prayer book. Among them we read: For the sin we have sinned before You through insincere confession. A reminder that the point of confession is not to recite lists of sins – which done insincerely is its own sin – but to thoughtfully confess before God where we have fallen short.