Shabbat is the highlight of our week. Every Shabbat, together with the Jewish Community Centre (JCC), we offer an exquisite Friday night meal hosted by our resident mashgiach, Mr Eyal Ginati and his wife Orit. Over the years Eyal and Orit have established a rapport with the many visitors and locals who regularly have Shabbat dinner with us. Shabbat dinner follows Friday night services and this is one way to experience Jewish Hong Kong. To reserve a Friday night meal please email

Shabbat morning services, which begin at 9am, are followed by a complementary kiddush luncheon in the Garden Room  of the JCC to which everyone is invited. Shabbat afternoon there is also seudah shlishit to which everyone is invited.

There are also opportunities for Torah study on Shabbat (click here) as well as ample children's programming (click here) during services and the kiddush luncheon.

If you prefer to enjoy home hospitality for Shabbat or Yom Tov meals, please email