Jewish Organizations


  • Asian Jewish Life A journal of Society and Culture
    Asian Jewish Life is a free quarterly publication designed to share regional Jewish thoughts, ideas and culture and promote unity. It also celebrates our individuality and our diverse backgrounds and customs.
  • The Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre (HKHTC) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion, across Asia, of education and awareness of the Holocaust. Our goal is to become an international resource centre for scholars, teachers, students and the general public, through the creation and accessibility of locally relevant material in English, Chinese and other regional languages. The HKHTC actively promotes conferences, workshops, exhibits and remembrance events that use the lessons of history to prevent anti-Semitism, discrimination and genocide, as a way to advance tolerance and understanding among people, in order to make a positive contribution to our society and future generations.

    Please visit their website: or email to find our more information.

  • Hong Kong Jewish Scouts Group/ Tzofim
    "The Jewish Tzofim of Hong Kong" has been operating in HK since 2010 with great success.

    The "Tzofim" are a youth movement established in order to provide a positive social platfo with an educational added value for all of the Jewish kids and teenagers in the community.

    We in the "Tzofim" believe in developing the leadership and the personal skills of our participants, making them involve in their community and strengthen their connection to Israel during the process.     
    We do that by running weekly activities and meetings, as well as hikes, camps and many more diversified events during the year, for children and teens grades 3-12.

    Email:,  Facebook: Tzofim HK Shevet kedem,  Phone: +852-98680992     

  • Jewish Times Asia
    Jewish Times Asia, was established in 2006, and is the regions first independent community newspaper for Jewish residents, business travellers and vacationers. The growth of Jewish families residing in the region has steadily increased and many more communities have been established.We are a platform for news gathering, social event highlighting and community awareness. We report on local and international news; insights, stories and features on topical themes and issues relevant to the Jewish community.

  • Jewish Women's Association of Hong Kong
    The JWA is a voluntarily organization dedicated to support educational, social welfare and health programs. We support charities that enhance the lives of children, youth, battered women and families in Israel and in Hong Kong.

    • Thousands of handicapped youth, battered women, bedridden children, and cancer victims have already benefited from our support.
  • The Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival
    Asia's first festival showcasing the best Jewish-themed film from around the world. Founded in 1999, the Festival has screened over 200 features, documentaries and short films from 34 countries in 33 languages and dialects. It has hosted directors, producers, film critics and curators, who have attended the event to showcase their films, educate and offer their opinions to audience members. Among the topics the Festival has dealt with are the Holocaust, Israel, Jewish identity, Yiddish classics, food, holidays, music, and religious rituals and customs. One of the Festival's unique qualities is that it attracts many non-Jewish people, with more than one-third of the audience falling into that demographic.

    The Festival became a registered charity in Hong Kong in 2006.  In 2011, the organisation came under the fiscal sponsorship of the Center for Jewish Culture & Creativity, a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the US. HKJFF Society Limited has a board of 11 members who donate their time and efforts throughout the year to bring the Festival to life every November.
    The Festival’s e-newsletter, Reel News, has received multiple awards internationally for its interesting content and presentation. To get onto the mailing list, please visit the Festival’s website at There is also a Facebook page.


  • The Jewish Historical Society of Hong Kong

    The Jewish Historical Society of Hong Kong (JHS) was founded in 1984, following a lecture by Mr. S.J. Chan at the former Jewish Club.  The subject was ‘The Jewish community in Kaifeng’, the 12th Century Song dynasty capital of China.  Most members of the Community had not heard of the Kaifeng Jews and SJ Chan challenged the community to establish an association to collect and collate information on the Sino-Judaic experience in Hong Kong and China.

    The initial aims of the JHS, an informal Society, were to establish a Judaica library for the HK Jewish community, within which would be housed the Sino-Judaic collection; to promote Sino-Judaic co-operation; to thoroughly document the existing records of the Community and to publish on the subject.

    Over the years, the JHS has amassed a Sino-Judaic reference library which is believed to be the most comprehensive in Asia.  It is a valuable resource which is available, by appointment, to both local and overseas scholars.

    Books published by the JHS include monographs on the Hong Kong Jewish community by Denis and Mary Leventhal; “The Ohel Leah Synagogue, Hong Kong – it’s history and conservation” by McDougall & Pettman; and more recently the revised reprint of S.J. Chan’s “The Jews of Kaifeng, reflections on Sino-Judaic history”.

    Projects recently undertaken by the JHS include recording, photographing and translating the 300 headstones in the HK Jewish cemetery, and an ongoing series of taped interviews of the personal experiences and family histories of members of the Jewish community.

    The interviews are conducted at the Jewish Community Centre, in front of an audience, and are well attended.

    Some of our sample projects include:

    • recording, photographing and translating the 360 headstones in the Hong Kong Jewish cemetery
    • an ongoing series of videotaped oral interviews of personal experiences and family histories of members of the Hong Kong Jewish community, conducted in front of a live audience
    • organizing group tours to visit historic Jewish communities in the region including Harbin, Mumbai and Calcutta
    • mounting exhibitions including “The Jews in Shanghai and Hong Kong – The Lost Records 1938-1950” and “Recalling Jewish Calcutta”
    • Hosting lectures on a variety of subjects of Jewish and local historical interest including Professor Xu Xi “Why Are the Chinese so Interested in the Jews”, Paul French on his book “Midnight in Peking”, Glenn Frommer on “The Restoration of the Ohel Leah Synagogue”

    To join the Society’s mailing list and be kept informed about its upcoming programs and events, please click here.