2020 / 5781:

Dear Community Members,

It is now confirmed that the OLS will remain closed for Yom Kippur. As we prepare to mark Yom Kippur at home, alone with the Alone, we are making Yom Kippur Prayerbooks / Mahzors available to members. If you would like to reserve a Mahzor, please email Pauline@OhelLeah.org.


There is a long-standing custom to bless children on the eve of Yom Kippur. Artscroll has kindly made available the text for the blessing – Please click here.


The blessings over the candles is found in our Guidelines to Praying on Yom Kippur that is found here:


The blog of the National Library of Israel has a delightful story about epidemics on Yom Kippur. Please click here.


Please join us on Zoom tomorrow (Sunday) at 2:30pm We will hear a selection of Yom Kippur melodies and review  how to spend the day at home. See Zoom link below.


We have prepared a guide to use along with the Artscroll Mahzor as well as a selection of readings to accompany us through the day. You may download the Guide below.

Yom Kippur fast begins Sunday night September 27th 5:56pm
Fast ends Monday night, September 28th 6:47pm.

Supplementary Readings for Yom Kippur 
To help make Yom Kippur more meaningful, please find a Yom Kippur reader here.
It is ready for you to print ahead of the holiday.
Sunday, September 27
2:30 pm HK Time
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