A fox walked along a river and saw fish swimming to and fro. The fox asked the fish what they were fleeing, and they replied they were fleeing the nets that seek to trap them. If so, the fox advised, come onto the dry land where there are no fishing nets to catch you. The fish told the fox to stop being silly, for fish don’t survive out of water.

Using this parable, Rabbi Akiva explained why Jews need to study Torah. Only where there is Torah study, will Jewish life grow. We seek to be a congregation where everyone is offered opportunities for Jewish growth. Below are some ongoing opportunities, please view our full calendar for exact times:


We hope to soon be able to be back to our standard schedule below:
  1. Most weekdays following the morning service we study two Mishnayot and one verse of the Bible.
  2. Tuesday-Thursday mornings at 8:15am there is a zoom class on R. Zadok HaKohen’s Tzidkat HaTzadik.
  3. Most Shabbats, following kiddush lunch there is a class in the Ohr HaHayim commentary on the weekly parasha.
  4. Most Shabbat afternoons, 50 minutes prior to the Mincha service, we study a page of Talmud.
  5. There’s an active Jewish learning group for women (and men are always invited too!). These include Rosh Chodesh events, classes around the holidays and parasha text study. For more information please email Rachel@OhelLeah.org.