17 Jul 2021 until 18 Jul 2021
9:45 AM - 7:55 PM


Shabbat and Tisha b’Av Schedule
Saturday, July 17
Shabbat Morning Service: 9:45am
Ohr HaChaim Class: 12:00pm
Mincha: Approx. 1:00pm
Saturday Night, July 17
8:30pm Arvit, Reading of Eicha
Sunday, July 18
9:00am-10:30am – Shacharit and Kinnot
11:30am Zoom Class Click here
Meeting ID: 865 2104 1945
Passcode: 9Av
5:50pm Mincha
6:15pm Movie – The Children of Teheran
7:20pm Evening Service
7:33pm Conclusion of the Fast
Guidelines for Shabbat and Tisha b’Av
This coming Saturday night / Sunday will be Tisha b’Av – the saddest day on the Jewish calendar.
The Mishna lists five tragedies that occurred on this day:
  1. Upon the return of the Twelve Spies and their negative report, God decreed that we would not immediately enter the promised land.
  2. The First Temple was destroyed.
  3. The Second Temple was destroyed.
  4. The city of Beitar was captured.
  5. Jerusalem was ploughed over.
Subsequent tragedies have been added to this date – see here.
We mark this day with a twenty-five hour fast, we don’t bathe, engage in intimacy, anoint ourselves with oil or wear leather shoes. At night we read Eicha – the Book of Lamentations, and in the morning we recite various kinnot – elegies that recall past tragedies.
This Shabbat everything is normal with one exception: we cease all eating at the onset of the fast: 7:09pm. At the conclusion of Shabbat (7:46pm), we say Baruch HaMavdil beyn Kodesh l’Chol – Blessed is the One who Distinguishes between the Holy and MundaneWe remove our leather shoes and change out of Shabbat attire into weekday attire. People who are fasting do not recite the full of Havdala on Saturday night –  only the blessing over fire. Havdala – except the blessings over fire and spices – is recited at the conclusion of the fast (7:33pm).