14 Apr 2022 until 23 Apr 2022
7:05 PM - 7:20 PM


Pesach services Schedule

Full Pesach Schedule – 5782 – 2022

  Searching for the Chametz
Thurs. Eve: April 14   7:05pm
  Fast of First Born
Fri, April 15 Fast Begins 4:55am
  Fast Ends 6:17pm
Fri, April 15 Eve of Pesach  
  Last time to eat chametz 9:47am
  Last time to burn chametz 11:05am
  Candle Lighting 6:24pm
Sat, April 16 First Day of Pesach  
  Candle Lighting -from a pre-existing flame after 7:17 pm
Sun, April 17 Second Day of Pesach  
  Festival Ends 7:17pm
  Chol Hamoed Pesach  
Mon, April 18 – Thurs, April 21    
  In Person services – see the OLS home page for government regulations.  
  Eve of Seventh Day of Pesach (Eruv Tavshilin) 
Thurs, April 21 Candle lighting
Afternoon Service
  Seventh Day of Pesach  
Fri, April 22

Morning Service 
Followed by Standing Kiddush

  Candle Lighting (from a pre-existing flame
Afternoon Service
  Last Day of Pesach  
Sat, April 23

Morning Service
Followed by Standing Kiddush

  Afternoon Service –
Followed by Third Meal
  Festival Ends / Havdalah 7:20pm