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Location: 70 Robinson Road Mid-Levels, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2589 2621 Fax: (852) 2548 4200 Email: Office hours:

  • Monday-Thursday: 11am-7pm
  • Friday & Eves of Jewish Holidays: 11am until Candle lighting
  • Saturday, Jewish Holidays & Public Holidays: Closed
  • Sundays: Closed
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Contact Us


Getting here Because Hong Kong is so built up it can be easy to miss OLS. Additionally, although we are located on Robinson Road, we are below street level and one does not immediately recognize the synagogue. Entrance to the synagogue is from Robinson Place, the two tower complex that is also located at 70 Robinson Road.

By taxi: Ask the taxi driver to take you to “ 70 Loh-bin-sun Dough.” As the taxi pulls into the roundabout at 70 Robinson Road you will see a small booth on your left with a guard standing there. This is the usual entrance to the Synagogue.

On foot: If you’re coming by foot from Central the easiest way to arrive is to use the escalator (which can be taken on Shabbat) until Robinson Road. Once you come out to Robinson Road, make a right and walk for about 7-10 minutes and 70 Robinson Road will be on your right. Please note that the escalator only operates in one direction at any time. Until 10:30AM it runs down from Mid-levels toward Central and after 10:30AM it runs up from Central toward Mid-levels. One can walk along the path of the escalator in either direction at any time of the day.

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Can I come to attend services at Ohel Leah?2020-02-18T17:27:53+08:00

We welcome participation in our services. Because visitors are subject to security procedures, we ask you to contact us prior to your visit.

Is it permissible to photograph the Synagogue?2020-01-25T15:47:03+08:00

Certainly. You are welcome to take photographs with the exception of on Shabbat and festivals.

What if I am part of an interfaith family?2020-02-18T17:32:59+08:00

Nobody is turned away from OLS because they are part of an interfaith family. Please note that OLS is an Orthodox synagogue and ritual privileges are offered accordingly. For further clarification please email Rabbi Oser.

Is there a dress code?2020-01-25T15:48:29+08:00

We ask that you dress appropriately for a house of worship.

What should I know about visiting the Synagogue on Shabbat?2022-08-07T19:49:29+08:00

The service lasts around two hours and the prayers are in Hebrew. Mobile phones and cameras can not be used or displayed.

Do you offer tours of the synagogue?2020-02-18T17:30:09+08:00

Tours are available during regular business hours.

Is there an Eruv?2023-05-12T19:08:33+08:00

Yes, there is an Eruv in Hong Kong. Please click here to learn more.

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