Parashat Mishpatim, Shabbat Mevarechim


When a dispute arises, all parties must be treated equally: A poor man - do not revere in his dispute…Maimonides’ son Abraham quotes his teacher, Abraham the Pious, who claimed that do not revere - tehedar – is in this context an usual expression. The word is found elsewhere in the Bible: Before a gray

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Parashat Yitro


When Moses reminds the people of their encounter with Amalek he tells them Remember…how he chanced upon you on the way and cut down all the stragglers…To Jethro in our parasha, Moses phrases things differently: And Moses recounted to his father-in-law…all the hardship that had found them on the way…Where the people remembered chance encounters,

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Parashat Beshalach, Shabbat Shira


Who was the last to cross the sea? We have an image of Moses at the front splitting the sea but perhaps it went differently. Before the crossing we read: And the angel of God that was going before the camp of Israel moved and went behind them…Ralbag identifies this angel of God as Moses.

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Parashat Bo


Robert Alter detects a shift in the aim of the Exodus. In the previous chapter the goal was so as to show Pharaoh My power, and so that My name will be told through all the earth. (Exodus 9:16) This global monotheistic ideal is now transformed into the nation’s foundational narrative.…so that you may tell

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