Parashat Beha’alotcha


And thus Aaron did: opposite the front of the Menorah he lit up its lamps as the LORD had charged Moses. The purpose of this verse, Rashi explains, is to praise Aaron for not deviating from God's instruction. Many point out that this sets a low bar. Rabbi Shteinman suggests that this itself is an

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Parashat Naso


Containing 176 verses, this week's parasha is our longest and is always read on the Shabbat after Shavuot. To the afterglow of Shavuot when we received the Torah, many attribute its length. Chapter 119 is the longest Psalm and it too contains 176 verses. The longest tractate of the Talmud is Bava Batra - also 176

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Parashat Bamidbar, Shabbat Kallah


The Kohathites was a family of the Levites and they were tasked with transporting the holiest vessels of the Tabernacle. God warns Moses and Aaron "Do not let the tribe of the family of the Kohathites die...Sforno explains that this was a warning to ensure that when they came to transport these items, there would not

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Parashat Behar-Bechukotai, Shabbat Mevarechim


And you shall hallow the fiftieth year and call a release in the land to all its inhabitants. In the Jubilee year, it is only the slaves who are released, why then does the verse mention release in the land to all its inhabitants? Rashi cites the rabbinic explanation that derives from here that only

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