Parashat Tetzave


Why do we wear masks on Purim? Rabbi Steinsaltz writes about the masks we wear and how sometimes we must wear a mask to "defend ourselves against ourselves." Paraphrasing Montaigne, he says that were a person to be hung for their thoughts, nobody would escape the gallows. The Talmud teaches that if a person pretends

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Parashat Teruma, Parshat Zachor


"Speak to the Israelites, that they take Me a donation from every man, as his heart may urge him you shall take My donation. To explain this verse, Hatam Sofer quotes the prophet Haggai Mine is the silver and mine the gold, said the LORD (2:8). God has endless ways to distribute His endless resources,

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Parashat Mishpatim, Parshat Shekalim


Happy are those who keep justice, the one who does charity at all times (Psalm 106:3). This verse switches from the plural - those who keep justice, to the singular - the one who does charity at all times. Ketav Sofer explains that while justice and good deeds should be pursued publicly, this is not

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Parashat Yitro


Remember the sabbath day to hallow it. Explaining this verse, Rashi writes if during the week you come across a nice item, put it aside and enjoy it on the Sabbath. Nahmanides points out that this was the practice of Shammai but Hillel did no such thing. To Shammai, Hillel responded with the verse Blessed

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