Parashat Teruma


The Haftara records how King Solomon built the Temple. He conscripted - the Hebrew is mas, taxed - the people into supporting the project. R. Moshe Lichtenstein posits that a few chapters later, we see the fruit of this tax: the Kingdom of Israel splits into two. The people who were forced to support drifted

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Purim Party


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Shacharit / Mincha / Ma’ariv


Time shown is approximate - The time changes weekly - Please contact the office and ask for the exact time and location:

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Parashat Mishpatim


One of the best known dietary laws is the prohibition to mix meat and milk. The Sefer HaHinuch points out that one is not allowed to eat, cook, or benefit from, a mixture of meat and milk and this broad scope suggests that the concern is not just physical or even spiritual health. Perhaps the

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Parashat Yitro


And Moses brought out the people toward God from the camp and they stationed themselves at the bottom of the mountain. The last time the word "stationed" appeared is before the splitting of the sea, where Moses told the people Take your station and see the LORD's deliverance. This creates a literary link between experiencing the LORD'S deliverance and

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Parashat Beshalach, Shabbat Shira


...and there was no water for the people to drink. And the people disputed with Moses and they said, "Give us water, that we may drink." ..And the people thirsted for water there...The wording here suggests that first there was no water, then the people complained, and only then they became thirsty. In other words,

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