Parashat Bechukotai


People gifted things to the Temple and they could redeem - buy back - their gift. A priest would evaluate the item, a fee was added, and the item was repurchased. However, when people gifted themselves or another person to the Temple then on the basis of their sex and age, the Torah legislates a

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Parashat Behar


Should your brother come to ruin and sell his holding, his relative...shall...redeem for him what he sold. And should a man have no relative and his hand will find enough for its redemption....The words "should a man have no relative" are superfluous. Can't anyone - not just those people who have no relatives - "find

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Parashat Emor


Some sacrifices are requirements and others are volunteer offerings. Regarding the volunteer offerings the Torah stresses once more: it shall be an unblemished male from the cattle, the sheep, or the goats. Whatever has a defect you shall not bring forward, for it will not be acceptable...Sforno explains that when we volunteer something, there is

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Parashat Kedoshim


You shall do no iniquity in justice-in measure, whether in weight or liquid measure. Honest scales, honest shall have. R. Meir Simkha of Dvinsk explains that You shall do no iniquity in justice means that even in pursuit of justice one cannot act with iniquity. For example, one is not allowed to use dishonest

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Parashat Acharei Mot


King David cries out in the Psalms: Sons of man, how long will My glory be shamed? Rashi connects this to our Haftara, when King Saul berates his son Jonathan for protecting David, "the son of Jesse." For as long as the son of Jesse lives on the earth, you and your kingship will not

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