Parashat Vayera


God said "shall I conceal from Abraham what I am doing"? After this rhetorical question, God informs Abraham that He plans to destroy Sodom. Shadal explains that just as one takes counsel from a friend, so too God wanted Abraham to know about this plan. Ramban explains that Abraham had gone to war to save Lot and the King of Sodom,

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Parashat Lech Lecha


After he was promised the land of Canaan, Abraham asked God "how shall I know that I shall inherit it?" Abraham was concerned, explained the Beit HaLevi, that his descendants would sin and God would abandon them. Therefore God replied, Know well that your seed shall be strangers in a land not theirs and they

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Parashat Noach


Noah's three sons were Japhet, Shem and Ham. While the line of Shem leads to the Jewish people, in the Rabbinic mind Japhet was the father of Ancient Greece.Noah blessed them: May God "yafet" Japhet, and may He dwell in the tent of Shem. The meaning of YAFET is debated. Whereas R. Saadia Gaon translates

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Parashat Bereshit


If the Torah begins with a great and mysterious act: When God began to create heaven and earth...the penultimate verse of our parasha unhappily reminds us of that bright beginning: And the LORD said I will wipe out the human race that I created...for I regret that I have made them...God "takes responsibility" for His own regret, recognizing that He is its

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