Parashat Ki Tavo


And all these blessings will come upon you and overtake you when you heed the voice of the LORD your God. Sometimes we chase an opportunity, believe it is a great blessing and then it turns out to be something very different. Therefore we are told that blessings will come upon you and overtake you,

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Parashat Ki Tetze


When you lend money to someone, don't enter their house to collect the collateral. You must remain outside, while the person to whom you made the loan brings the collateral out to you. There is a rabbinic discussion whether this verse only prohibits the creditor from entering the debtor's home or even an agent of

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Parashat Shoftim


The true prophet is someone we recognize, someone similar to us. ...they heed soothsayers and spellers of charms but you, the LORD your God has not given such. A prophet...from your midst, from your brothers, the LORD will raise up...God won't send a prophet from some other place but He will raise him "from your

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Parashat Re’eh


A man looking intently at the sainted R. Yehuda Alter Meir was asked about his behavior. He quoted the opening of this Parasha, where Moses says "See, I have given you today blessing..." and the Ohr HaHayim reads as Moshe encouraging us to "See, me..." to always look at righteous people. Upon hearing this, R. Alter responded that if the man wanted

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Parashat Ekev


"Moses tells the people: Hear, Israel, you are about to cross the Jordan...The Ohr HaHayim focuses on verse's opening phrase, Hear, Israel (Shema Yisrael), which is also used in our declaration of faith. He explains that Moses was telling the people to actively listen to what he was telling them: you - only you, and not

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