Yom Kippur


Elisha ben Avuya was a learned Rabbi in first century Jerusalem, he moved away from Jewish belief and practice and is counted among our most infamous heretics. The Talmud records that one Yom Kippur Elisha ambled behind the Synagogue and heard a heavenly voice "let all repent, except for Elisha." How could this be? R.

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Parashat Nitzavim-Vayelech


Moses charged the Levites saying...Take this Torah Scroll and place it alongside the Ark of the Covenant...A Torah scroll was placed alongside the Ark that housed the Tablets. Moses was making the point, explains the Alshikh, that the entirety of the Torah Scroll is no less sacred or divine than the Ten Commandments. Additionally, there

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Parashat Ki Tavo


Moses called to all Israel and said to them, "You have seen all that the LORD did before your own eyes... But the LORD has not given you a heart to know and eyes to see and ears to hear until this day. What changed on this day? Building on the midrashic idea that this

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