Parashat Chukat


Toward the end of their time in the desert, the people have run out of water. They gang up on Moses and Aaron saying why did you bring the Lord's assembly to this wilderness to die... The people were disrespectful but God did not criticism them, instead He instructs Moses to speak to the rock and it

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Parashat Korach


Moses spoke to Korah and to all his community, saying, "In the morning, the LORD will make known who is His...Why wait until the morning? Because things always look different in the light of day. Moses hoped, explains Rashi, that by morning, Korah and his band of followers would retract their claim. The Netziv points out that

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Parashat Shelach Lechah


My servant Caleb, inasmuch as there was another spirit with him...which "other" spirit rested within Caleb? Rashi explains that his mind and speech were not aligned, each one had its own spirit. In his mind he thought the land could be conquered, but in his speech he agreed with the majority of spies who were

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Parashat Beha’alotcha


The first born Israelites were to service the Mishkan but were deemed unworthy and the tribe of Levi replaced them: Bring the Levites forward before the LORD, and the Israelites shall lay their hands on the Levites. As when Moses rested his hands on Joshua, usually the greater person authorizes the lesser person, so why did the

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Parashat Naso


Should man or woman commit any of the human offenses...they shall confess their offenses which they committed... From this verse we learn that confession is part of the sinner's process of repentance. The context of this verse is theft. Sin is a form of theft: against other people, against God - and always against oneself. To

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