Parashat Tazria-Metzora


...He whose house it is shall come and tell the priest, saying, 'Something like an affliction has appeared to me in the house.'(Leviticus 14:35) The phrase "has appeared to me" occurs in one other place in the Bible From afar God has appeared to me...(Jeremiah 31:2) Some suggest the two are interrelated. When an affliction has appeared to me, a

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Parashat Shemini


God spoke to Aaron saying: wine and alcohol don't drink, you and your sons...The priests, kohanim, were warned to stay away from intoxicating drink. The Izhbitzer Rebbe sought to understand why this command applied to priests more than to others. He explained that alcohol intensifies our feelings, and Kohanim were supposed to have a parental love for everyone. When

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Chol Hamoed Pesach


We eat marror-the bitter vegetableto remind us of the bitterness of slavery, and we eat matza to remember how quickly we left slavery behind. However, at the Seder night we reverse the chronological order, first we eat the matza and only then do we eat the marror. The standard explanation is that we follow the order they're presented in the Torah: with

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Parashat Tzav


Most use three matzot at the Seder while some use two. Maimonides writes that we use two, break one of them, and then recite the blessing over a whole piece and a broken piece. This demonstrates that matza is bread of the poor. Why use three matzot? Three matzot accompanied the korban toda - the thanksgiving offering

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