Parashat Pinchas


When the daughters of Zelophehad came forward and asked to inherit their father, Moses took their question to God. What made this question so difficult to answer? The Torah records: And the daughters of Zelophehad... came forward..."Our father died...and he was not part of the community...of Korah...Korah had tried to dislodge Moses and so after

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Parashat Balak


Upon entering the synagogue, an ancient custom dictates that we recite the verse How Goodly are thy tents Jacob, thy dwelling places Israel... Balaam first uttered these words when he saw Israel camped in the desert. He was referring to the mundane Jewish home and the Talmud applied them to our synagogues and religious study-halls,

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Parashat Chukat


Moses made a bronze snake and put it on the pole; if a snake had bitten someone, then, when he looked toward the bronze snake, he stayed alive...On this verse the Ramban comments that "it is the way of the Torah to have miracles within miracles, with harm God removes harm, and heals illness with

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Parashat Korach


Why did the earth swallow Korah alive? Weekly we pray for the government, for as the Mishna says: Pray for the government, for without its power, people would swallow each other alive. Korach challenged Moshe's leadership - government - of the people, telling him: everyone in the nation is holy, and why do you raise

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