Parashat Behar


..My Temple you shall revere. I am the LORD. An ancient Aramaic translation renders this: My Temple you shall go in fear of Me...The point is that a building is form but not content. The form is necessary but it should not be confused with content. A building cannot supersede its purpose. Maimonides explained

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Parashat Emor


I am the LORD. And you shall not profane My holy name, and I shall be hallowed in the midst of the Israelites. A wise person once pointed out that the same verse warns against profaning God's name and sanctifying God's name. Sometimes people think they're bringing God's presence into the world but what they're

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Parashat Kedoshim


Every adult shall revere his mother and his father... the Torah never commands children to revere their parents. Reverence for parents is instinctive in children; they know that ultimately they must listen to their parents - they have no choice in the matter. After we grow into adulthood and become independent, we no longer need

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Parashat Acharei Mot


Covering the blood - kisuy ha-dam - is a commandment associated with kosher slaughtering and we read about this week. Every Israelite who traps a beast or bird to eat, shall cover its blood with earth...Some say that the purpose of this commandment is to remind us that one is forbidden to eat blood. Others explain it as

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