Parashat Vayishlach


Everyone has better times and worse times; how we should deal with them, Ecclesiastes instructs: On the day of good luck, enjoy the good, and on the day of difficulty, see: one against the other God has set, so that man find nothing after Him. Jacob went one step further: He said to his household...

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Parashat Vayetze


Leaving the land of Israel, Jacob makes deal with God: if You get me back home, I promise to build a house for You and offer tithes. Why these two promises? On the run from his brother, Jacob was now penniless and fleeing God's land. At this time, he was unable live in God's presence

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Parashat Toldot


To find Rebecca - an appropriate spouse - for Isaac, Abraham went to great lengths. But Isaac did not follow his father's example. Esau was forty years old and he took wives...and they were a provocation... Later on it was Rebecca who pushed Isaac to intervene with Jacob's marriage plans: Rebecca said to Isaac, "If Jacob takes a

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Parashat Chayei Sarah


It was after the death of Abraham that God blessed Isaac his son and Isaac then settled at the well Lahai-Roi. Why the sudden move to Lahai Roi? This was the place where an angel promised Isaac's brother and rival, Ishmael, that he would yet flourish into a mighty nation. After his father's passing, Alshikh

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