Parashat Ha’azinu


Spread over us Your "sukkah" of peace...Why is peace associated with a sukkah? For a sukkah to be kosher, it need not be a full enclosure. If it only has two full walls and a little bit of the third wall, then it is good enough. Rav Kook explains that the same is true for

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Parashat Vayelech


And now, Moshe write you this song and teach it to the Israelites...Normally, a teacher lectures from written notes. Not Moses, he was a Prophet of God and when he taught, divine inspiration miraculously flowed through his mouth - he needed no notes. Now at the end of his life, says the Ha'amek Davar, he

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Parashat Nitzavim


Our Torah reading this Shabbat prepares us for Rosh Hashana. It begins with the words: You are standing before God today...for shortly we will be standing in God's court. In Hebrew, the word for "you" is Atem and it has the same letters that spell the word Emet - truth. This verse hints to us

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Parashat Ki Tavo


"These shall stand to bless the people on Mount Gerizim...And these shall stand over the curse on Mount Ebal..." Moses instructed half the people to bless those who would keep the Torah and half the people to pronounce curses on those who depart from the Torah. Half were told actively, to bless the people and

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