Parashat Tetzaveh


Last week we read about the construction of the Mishkan, God's house. This week we will read about the kohanim, the priests who served in God's house. To paraphrase Ibn Ezra: first they built the house and then the people came. Confident that God's instruction was good, we built His house according to His word, knowing that

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Parashat Teruma


And this is the donation that you shall take from them: gold, silver, bronze, indigo, purple, crimson, linen, goat hair, reddened ram skins…Thirteen different items were donated toward the building of God’s house. Sforno points out that they only collected items that could be used in the physical building and so gifts in lieu were

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Parashat Mishpatim, Parshat Shekalim


A hallmark of Jewish gastronomy is the separation of meat and milk. This concept is based on a verse that appears three times in the Torah: You shall not boil a kid in its mother’s milk. The Talmud teaches that it was mentioned three times in order to teach three different prohibitions: cooking, eating and

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Parashat Yitro


Moses went out to meet his father-in-law, and he bowed down and kissed him…The last time Moses met his father-in-law he was on the run, fleeing Egypt and the house of Pharaoh. Back then Jethro sheltered this fugitive and eventually became his father-in-law. Now Moses is the leader of a people that bravely escaped the

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