Parashat Vayakhel


Last week we read about the golden calf and this week’s parasha opens with a discussion of Shabbat, which had already been taught. Why mention it again? Because adherence to Shabbat atoned for the sin of the golden calf, for whereas the golden calf denied God’s sovereignty in this world, Shabbat affirms God’s sovereignty. If all week

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Parashat Ki Tisa


A wise person once said that as long as politicians want the credit and they need it before the next election cycle, the world’s problems will never be solved. The Talmud tells us that when we credit others for the work we do, in the end, perhaps long after we’re gone, other will acknowledge the

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Parashat Tetzaveh


And you shall make an altar for burning incense…Aaron shall burn upon it the aromatic incense morning after morning…you shall not offer up on it unfit incense… Incense generally has a fragrant smell and so one would have thought that any fragrance would be acceptable. Therefore the Torah teaches that not every incense was fit

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