Parashat Va’era


The LORD said to Moses, “See, I have set you as a god to Pharaoh….God promises Moshe that in the eyes of Pharaoh, he will become a god. This is a polemic against the uncouth character of Pharaoh and a warning to the Jewish people. For some people, if a man has power and can

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Parashat Shemot


When Moses sees the burning bush, God tells him: Come no closer here. Take off your sandals from your feet, for the place you are standing on is holy ground...Yet later on, at Sinai, we read: the people stood at a distance, and Moses drew near the thick cloud where God was.  Ramban points out

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Parashat Vayechi


After Jacob died, his sons worried that their brother Joseph may now harm them. To allay these fears, Joseph said to them “Fear not, for am I instead of God? While you meant evil toward me, God meant it for good…” Why did Joseph recall his brothers’ evil intentions that turned out for the best?

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Parashat Vayigash


Jacob replied to Pharaoh, “ life is a hundred and thirty years. Few and bad have been the days of the years I have lived…Jacob blessed Pharaoh and exited his presence.” What was Jacob’s blessing? Pharaoh asked Jacob his age, Jacob responded that while he was 130 years, his achievements were inadequate and incomplete: few

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