Parashat Ekev


Hashem afflicted you and made you hunger and fed you the make you know that not on bread alone does the human live but on every utterance of Hashem’s mouth does the human live. Our mystical tradition teaches that every physical desire that a person experience points inward to a deeper spiritual hunger. Sometimes

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Parashat Va’etchanan


This week’s parasha begins with Moshe’s plea to enter the land, a plea he likely knew would not be successful. And I pleaded with the LORD at that time, saying... At which time? The moment in which we currently find ourselves. Reb Yisroel Salanter said: this verse teaches that in life we can’t always “wait

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Parashat Devarim


This week we begin Devarim, the last of the five books of the Torah: These are the words that Moses spoke to all the Israelites across the Jordan in the wilderness. Some of the Torah’s harshest language is found in this book. Ohr HaHayyim points out that not every message can be heard at any

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Parashat Matot/Masei


Should a man take a vow or make an oath to the LORD...he shall not profane his word. According to all that issues from his mouth he shall do. Reb Mendel of Kossov taught that when a person does not profane their word but upholds the commitments that they make, then the universe also respects

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