Parashat Beshalah


And God said, “If you really heed the voice of the LORD your God, and do what is right in His eyes, and hearken to His commands and keep all His statutes, all the sickness that I put upon Egypt I will not put upon you, for I am the LORD your doctor.”  Doctors don’t

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Parashat Bo


And it shall be a sign on your hand and a sign between your eyes, that through strength of hand the LORD brought us out of Egypt. Tradition teaches that this verse refers to tefillin. Tradition also teaches that one does not wear tefillin on Shabbat. Sfat Emet explains that during the week we need

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Va’era Rosh Chodesh


And the LORD said to Moses, “… And I on My part shall harden Pharaoh’s heart.” There are different explanations for why God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. Sforno suggests that God wishes human beings to do the right thing because it is right and not because it is expedient or convenient; therefore He hardened Pharaoh’s heart.

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Shemot Shabbat Mevarechim


Week of January 4, 2013 Pharaoh charged his whole people, saying, “Every boy that is born you shall fling into the Nile, and every girl you shall let live.” Rashi claims that at first Pharaoh only went after the Jews but over time he extended this cruel decree to include every Egyptian. Sometimes we don’t

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