2017 / 5777

Passover begins on Monday, April 10th and ends on Tuesday, April 18th.

We host three catered Seders.
Download our 2017 form with detailed meal information as a PDF or:
Book your 5777/2017 meals online – All booking has been closed – you may still click for information.
French Pessah meal is fully booked – you may still click for details…

Communal Seders 
1st Seder – Monday, April 10, 7pm @the JCC 
2nd Seder – Tuesday April 11, 7pm@the JCC
This Seder is fully booked 2nd Seder (for French Speakers) – Tuesday April 11, 7:30 pm@the JCC

Communal Pesach Meals
These Seders are fully booked
7th Night Pesach Dinner – Sunday, April 16, 7pm @the JCC
8th Night Pesach Dinner – Monday, April 17, 7pm @the JCC

Download the OLS 5777 / 2017 Passover Holiday Booklet:  ALL schedules, forms, events and preparation details.

Details of #YOLO Events: for families, youth & children can be found here on our Event's page.

Download the OLS fillable 2017 Yiskor form (it is also included in the booklet) names to be recited during Yiskor on April 11th
You may use our donation page form for this purpose as well – be sure to include the Hebrew name of the deceased.

Preparing for Pesach – Seminar for Domestic Helpers 
Wednesday, March 29 – 1:00-2:00pm at JCC L3 Multi-Function Room 

“Surviving the Seder – All You Need to Know” with Rabbi Oser 
Wednesday, April 5, 8:30pm in the synagogue

2017 Communal Kashering 
Sunday, April 2 and Tuesday, April 4 – 12:00-2:00 pm at JCC Car Park 
More info as a PDF

The JCC restaurant is open every day during Passover (festive meals need to be booked in advance) and the JCC koshermart undergoes a complete makeover to supply a wide variety of international products approved for Passover use.  

Rabbi Oser sells chametz. If you would like him to sell your chametz please fill out the following form. 


I, the undersigned, hereby authorize Rabbi Asher Oser of the Ohel Leah Synagogue, Hong Kong to act on my behalf and to sell all my Chametz before the coming Passover, in accordance with prevalent Jewish custom, and in whatever manner he deems proper and effective.
Said Chametz is found especially at (list address(es) below)

This authorization includes the sale of Chametz that is in my possession, including goods that would be delivered to me during the period of April 10 through April 18 of this year, as well as Chametz which I may own in full or in part through shares of stock in corporations which sell or deal in Chametz. All of the aforesaid Chametz is to be sold to a non-Jew of the Rabbi’s choosing, during the time that it is still legally permitted to sell Chametz. The purchaser has free access to the Chametz acquired by him, and to any storage area in my possession which will be rented to him.

The place where the Chametz is located is to be rented to the buyer at the Rabbi’s option for the period of April 10 through April 18 of this year, and the Rabbi is authorized to act as agent for such rental. The buyer’s deposit and rental fee are to be retained by the Rabbi as compensation.

This document, when accompanied by the full bill of sale and rental to be executed by the Rabbi at the time of the sale, shall be considered as the bill of sale itself with all the conditions and clauses that are enumerated in the full bill of sale. This authorization is made binding by my signature below, and by a kinyan (formal halakhic transaction), or by either of them alone.

Please complete and submit this form to Ohel Leah Synagogue office by April 7 or you may download this form as a PDF by clicking here. You may submit the completed PDF to the OLS office in person or by fax to 2548-4200. For further information, please contact Rabbi Oser on 2589-2621.


 * At this time it is customary to give kimcha d'pischa, a donation for Passover needs for the poor.  Monies collected will be distributed locally. 

Passover 5777 - Sale of Chametz

For those who will be away all of Pesach