The Florence Melton Adult Mini-School

Florence Melton Adult Mini School


The Florence Melton Adult Mini-School is a university-quality, two-year program of Jewish study that was developed at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, challenging adult learners to engage in Jewish learning. There are no exams, no homework, and no pre-requisites – other than completing Year 1 before enrolling in Year 2. OLS is very proud to be the first site in Asia where this quality adult education program is being offered. In addition to the Core Curriculum of Year 1 and Year 2 we are now offering the Foundations Curriculum (Foundations of Jewish Family Living).

Year 1 Core Curriculum
Year 1 Core Curriculum is open to everyone. The focus of Year 1 is on the Jewish calendar, essential Jewish ideas and sacred text. Participants can choose Tuesday mornings or Wednesday evenings.Classes include:

  • Purposes of Jewish Living
  • Rhythms of Jewish Living

Enrolled? Missed a Year One 2013 Session? Click here to listen to an audio transcript. (Contact the office for your password).

Year 2 Core Curriculum
For adults who have already taken the Year 1 Melton class, there is a Year 2 program also consisting of two class:

  • Dramas of Jewish Living Throughout the Ages
  • Ethics of Jewish Living

Foundations of Jewish Family Living Curriculum
Foundations of Jewish Family Living is a new curriculum for parents that provides a thought-provoking encounter with the core values of Judaism. Developed by the renowned Florence Melton Adult Mini-School, a project of the Hebrew University, the curriculum brings to life the master stories from our tradition and the profound messages they convey.

  • Part 1: Values for parents to share with their children
  • Part 2: Day to Day Values: Exploring values for everyday living

Scholars Curriculum
Graduates of the Year 1 and 2 core curriculum can further their education with the Scholars curriculum.

  • History of Jews and Muslims in the Mediterranean
  • Navigating the Sea of the Talmud
  • Exodus : From Slavery to the Sinai


NEW MELTON COURSE! Beyond Borders: The History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Beyond_BordersHave you ever wanted to know more about the Arab-Israeli Conflict? Do you long to understand one of the most intractable conflicts that seems to have no end in sight? If so, our new Melton course, Beyond Borders: The History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, designed by the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning deserves your attention.

This course provides students with a strong, text-based historical overview from the late nineteenth century through today. Course material is designed to encourage discussion and debate, and to challenge students to appreciate the basis of the conflicting historical claims made by all sides in the conflict. The complexity of the conflict forces students to grapple with issues of religion, culture, history, politics, economics, identity and survival—all reflected through primary sources, including newspaper articles, poetry, songs, government documents, speeches, photographs and memoirs. The 20-lesson course will provide students with new tools for understanding and critiquing texts and events as the conflict continues to unfold.

The course will begin 9 January on Thursday nights at 8:00pm and will be taught by Bruce Einhorn.
Classes will run for 20 sessions. In setting the schedule, various holidays have been taken into consideration.

The cost for this course is: $3000 for OLS members and $3500 for non-members.
For more information, please email Rabbi Oser


Advance registration is required for all programs

  • Register by phone: Call (852) 2589 2621 to register using a credit card.
  • Register by email: Members may register by emailing if they've set up a "charge account" with the office.
  • Register online: Use our form below
  • Register in-person: Visit the OLS office at 70 Robinson Road
  • Fees are: HKD1500/semester for the day classes, HKD4500/year for the night classes

The co-directors of the program are Shani Brownstein and Tara Diestel and if you have any questions about the classes the office will be happy to put you in touch with them. Rabbi Oser is one of our teachers for 2013-2014.

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is a project of the Hebrew University and this is the third year that OLS is bringing their courses to Hong Kong.


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